KT’s Latest Innovative Products for 2017

KT’s commitment to innovation is seen through the dedication to designing and developing new, innovative products that hold a unique point of difference, through introducing new, innovative services and ensuring that we are continually engaging with you – our customers on all levels.

We take Innovation seriously through social media, E-Newsletters and keeping you up to date with new products, special offers, news and events and more. Our Team are committed to going above and beyond  and are continually monitoring and implementing new processes that can assist us in improving our services to you!

KT Universal Solar Panel Rod Mounting System

1000 x 600 RGBMount 10 Watt, 20 Watt and 40 Watt KT Solar Panels with ease using the New & Innovative KT Universal Solar Panel Rod Mounting System.The base of the Rod is designed to fit a Fishing Rod Holder for secure mounting and features a locking swivel knuckle, allowing the user to adjust the solar panel angle to achieve maximum solar exposure. Ideal for temporary applications including camping, boating, 4WD applications, and ideal for permanent solar applications such as charging electric fences or gates, garden lighting and security camera battery charging. The system also features a 12V, 5Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller.

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KT 160 Watt Dual Charging Solar Kit

Included Accessories

Designed for those who have a passion for camping, caravanning, off-road adventures, boating, or simply after a reliable & portable solar solution to charge 12V batteries. The KT PREMIER 160 Watt, 12 Volt Dual Charging Solar Folding Kit (Model No. KT70711) is close to a square footprint in size and 2kg lighter than traditional solar kits. With it’s dual charging capability, you now have the option of charging a single 12V battery or two batteries at once.  Choose from 6 battery types. Having this selection ensures the correct charge to your battery, with no fear over overcharging and ensuring your batteries life span whilst in desolate environments.

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KT 150 Watt Folding Solar Blanket


The KT 150 Watt Mono-crystalline Solar Blanket is a compact, light-weight solution to your solar needs. Ideal for camping, 4×4 and marine applications, the KT 150 Watt Portable Solar Blanket is manufactured rom a solar cell that is cast from silicon. These cells are more efficient in producing power than most other panels, so the size of the panel is smaller yet produces a greater power output. This one-piece, easy-fold design folds down to a compact bag with all accessories neatly tucked away inside. The panels feature a scratch-resistant mat coating for durability and folded tabs which allow you to secure the blanket to your vehicle and close the doors over the tab to reduce the chances of theft.

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KT 50Amp Heavy Duty Connector Accessories with Built-In Voltmeter 

KT Battery Clamps Voltmeter Connector.jpg

Following on from the Innovative 50Amp Heavy Duty Connector with Built-in Voltmeter, KT has introduced a range of 12V Power Accessories incorporating this innovative technology. This connector is unique, innovative and unlike any heavy duty connector in the marketplace, providing a live voltage reading of your power connection, simply by touching the ‘Power’ Symbol on the Smart-Touch LCD display screen. The voltage reading illuminates blue, easy to read during the day and highly visible at night.

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KT Emergency Triangles range


The traditional Emergency Triangle is usually thought to be used in an emergency where a vehicle has broken down in a hazardous area, however Emergency Triangles can be used for a wide range of applications including:

To warn other road users of Vehicle, Motorcycle or Truck Break downs
To Indicate and warn others of road obstructions including fallen tree’s, loose rocks, dangerous pot-holes, oil spills, etc
To warn of dangers or hazards

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KT 50Amp Heavy Duty Connector with Built-In Voltmeter

voltmeter_on1 copy

Design Registered, innovated and developed by KT, this connector is unique, innovative and unlike any heavy duty connector in the marketplace, providing a live voltage reading of your power connection, simply by touching the ‘Power’ Symbol on the Smart-Touch LCD display screen. The voltage reading illuminates blue, easy to read during the day and highly visible at night.

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KT LED Head Lamp Kits (H4, H7, H9, H11)KT LED Headlamp Kits_kit images

The New and Innovative KT LED Head Lamp Kits are available in H4, H7, H9 & H11 and are designed to reduce power consumption while providing a clearer, more powerful light output. Designed to suit most Vehicles, 4×4, Trucks, Motorhomes, RV’s and Motorcycles, this range of LED Globes provide a maximum of 4500 Lumens!

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KT Solar Golf 36-48V Electric Vehicle Charging System 


KT SOLAR is excited to introduce its new and innovative 48V Solar Charging System for Golf Carts and Electric vehicles.

View the performance and efficiency of your KT 48V Electric Vehicle Solar Charging System with a simple touch of your smart-phone, through the connecting smart-phone application available for Android and iphone. The smart-phone application allows you to view the volts, amps and watts of your system in ‘realtime’, giving you a complete status of performance while you are on or off the course. The system will report data in all lighting conditions.

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KT Checkerplate Trailer Lamps

Wordpress Ad - Checkerplate Trailer Lamps

Designed for box trailers, utility trailers, camper trailers, horse floats and more, our new and innovative Checkerplate Trailer Lamps are revolutionising the trailer light market with a stylish new design, increased light out-put by using new LED Technology AND are ADR Approved!

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KT Smart 7 Stage Battery Chargers 

2017-07-13 20.39.05.jpg

Innovative smart technology is incorporated to monitor the charging process, delivering an advanced 7 stage charge to maximise battery performance and life.

Set the charging profile to suit your battery’s chemistry type, extending the battery’s life.

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KT Commander Smart-Touch Switch Panels


Life would be so much easier if we could control all of our devices from the one location! KT’s Commander Series Smart-Touch Switch Panel can do just that! Simply by touching the ‘Smart-Touch Screen, you have the ability to power lighting and other 12V appliances in Caravans, Motorhomes, Vehicles, Heavy Machinery, Boats and more!

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KT 8000V Intelligent Jumper Leads with 12/24V Voltage Display & Temperature Sensor for Cars & Trucks

Correct Connection

How the KT Intelligent Jumper Leads should be connected to the Battery.

The KT Intelligent Jumper Leads with a 12 & 24V Voltage Display will change the way people think about Jumper Leads and how they are used.

The 12V & 24V LCD Voltage Display will immediately provide the exact voltage reading of the battery when connected. The Voltage reading will flash to indicate the battery condition.

For standard vehicles, 4×4’s, boats or anything running 12 Volt Systems, below 11.8V is considered a flat battery and requires charging while 14.2V is considered overcharged. The voltage reading will flash to indicate a flat or overcharged battery. When the Voltage reading does not flash this indicates a healthy battery life.

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